Lend Your Voice to end Elder Abuse!

Elder Abuse Action Australia (EAAA) is the national voice for action that eliminates elder abuse. Our vision is a society that respects and values all older people and is free from elder abuse. Through our campaigns, advocacy and policy development, our actions will positively impact the lives of older people, their families, communities and broader society as we seek to eliminate elder abuse. 

EAAA’s Strategic Plan 2020-2022  is ambitious and challenging. It relies on strong partnerships with members and stakeholders. Working together we will understand, prevent and respond to elder abuse and protect the rights of older people.  Our Board of Directors, along with our members believe in the rights of older people and by becoming a member of EAAA, you too can lend your voice to help us end elder abuse!


How Your Membership Makes a Difference

EAAA seeks a robust and active membership whose issues, challenges and experiences can be distilled into policy statements, systemic advocacy and campaigns to end abuse of older people. The other benefit of a significant number of EAAA members is also to help fund our future work. EAAA’s longer-term sustainability requires diversified revenue streams members from all sectors both individuals and organisations.

EAAA is now moving from its establishment phase to a time of growth and activity aimed at ending elder abuse, so please lend your voice to help us end elder abuse!


Three Easy Steps to Joining EAAA


EAAA's Membership structure offers two primary categories.


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Complete each step of the online application applicable to your membership category and submit with your payment of the membership fee.

Applications that are successfully submitted will be sent an order confirmation for the payment and an email notification that the membership is pending board approval.

For more information on the online application process follow the links in the JOIN NOW section below.



All new membership applications are submitted to the EAAA Board for consideration. 

Confirmation is sent to approved members in a welcome email which also includes the EAAA digital assets (logos etc) for member use. 

In the instance that an application is rejected the membership fee paid will be refunded in full.